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Flight to Delhi. You will be greeted on arrival by one of our representatives and then transferred to your hotel.

🏨 Accommodation: Hotel Florence Inn / Similar 🚍 Drive: 30 minutes
🍽 Meals: Breakfast/lunch/dinner. ⛰ Altitude: 300 m. ✈ Flight: Delhi

After breakfast, transfer to Airport for flight to Lucknow. Upon arrival at Lucknow, you will drive to Sravasti. Journey will take around 4 hrs covering 170 km. After check in at hotel, Tour of Sharavasti- (Sahet Mahet), the capital of the ancient kingdom of Kosala has the honour for sheltering Buddha for 24 rainy seasons in the Jetyana Vihar (Means Jetvana Garden). The Vihar was offered by a wealthy merchant Anath Pindika. This holy place also has the Anand Bodhi Tree. Which is also said to have been planted by Buddha’s main disciple, Anand. After his enlightenment, the Buddha spent the majority of his time at Shravasti. Visit Sahet Mahet. Jetavana Park, and Ananda Bodhi Tree.

🏨 Accommodation: Hotel Ani la 🚍 Drive: 4/5 Hours / 170km
🍽 Meals: Breakfast/dinner. ⛰ Altitude: 60 m. ✈ Flight: Lucknow 1Hour.

So today is early start, as we have a border crossing into Nepal. Morning after breakfast visit Angulimala stupa. Later drive to Lumbini. Enroute visit Kapilvastu stupa. Kapilvastu (Piprahwa) is the capital city of the Sakya clan and one of the earliest republics. It was in Kapilvastu that Lord Buddha spent his childhood. Lord Buddha saw four sorrows of human beings, The Birth, the Sick, the Old and the death. But finally, he saw a radiant happy Sadhu who conquered all these, since then he decided to renounce all worldly riches and pleasures to seek truth and embark on the path of salvation. This place holds significant value for Buddhist pilgrims and has several stupas. The archaeological excavations have revealed stone caskets containing relics believed to be that of Buddha’s. On arrival Lumbini hotel check-in and Dinner. Overnight hotel in Lumbini Nepal.
NOTE: - The visit of Kapilvastu is depend on how much time left for emigration for Nepal.
🏨 Accommodation: Hotel Red Sun or Similar 🚍 Drive: 4/5 Hours / 155km
🍽 Meals: Breakfast /dinner. ⛰ Altitude: 150m.

Breakfast at hotel. City tour of Lumbini. Prince Siddhartha Gautama was born in Lumbini, Nepal. What is considered the exact location of the birth is identified by a stone slab in the inner sanctum of the Maya Devi Temple, named after Siddhartha`s mother. The oldest monument at Lumbini is the Ashoka Pillar, which marks it as the birthplace of the Buddha. A little south of the pillar is the spring-fed rectangular Puskarni Pond, where Maya Devi is believed to have bathed before giving birth. The Sacred Garden beyond the Maya Devi compound hosts some 40 monasteries from Asian Buddhist nations. At the end of a beautiful canal and tree-lined avenue is the majestic World Peace Pagoda, built by the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order. Today, the Lumbini Sacred Garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of world peace.

🏨 Accommodation: Hotel Red Sun or Similar 🚍 Drive:
🍽 Meals: Breakfast / dinner. ⛰ Altitude: 150 m.

So today is another early start, as we have a border crossing into India. After Breakfast drive from Lumbini to Kushinagar. On arrival check in and rest.
Kushinagar Tour is an important and sacred journey where pilgrims and tourists can find the real meaning of nirvana, the ultimate release of Lord Buddha’s soul. That release in Buddhist beliefs can be interpreted as a state beyond sorrows or state of freedom from cyclic rebirths.
Here at Kushinagar, Lord Buddha passed away and even got cremated at the Muktabandhana or Rambhar Stupa. The Mahaparinirvana Temple where Lord Buddha’s statue in reclining form is placed symbolizes his nirvana. Visit Stupa and Nirvana temple.
🏨 Accommodation: Hotel Imperial or Similar 🚍 Drive: 4/5 Hours / 170 km
🍽 Meals: Breakfast/ dinner. ⛰ Altitude: 100 m.

After a breakfast leave for Vaishali. Vaishali mentioned in the Ramayana and in the Buddhist literature, is reputed as the birthplace of Lord Mahavira and the capital of Lichchavis from early times. It was the scene of the Second Buddhist council held about a hundred years Lord Buddha's death. Vaishali has an important link with Buddha and Buddhism. Here, only he stayed for five years after awakening and gave many of the sermons. It was here for the first time; women were ordained into the Sangha. Gautam's foster mother, Mahaprajapati Gautami had also joined the order with other 500 Sakya-women.
In Vaishali we will be visiting Ashoka Pillar, Buddha stupa and Shanti stupa.
🏨 Accommodation: Hotel Vaishali Residency or Similar 🚍 Drive: 5/6 Hours / 220km Minutes 🍽 Meals: Breakfast / dinner. ⛰ Altitude: 51 m.

In the morning after breakfast, leave Vaishali for Bodhgaya enroute visiting Nalanda and Rajgir. Nalanda University. Founded in the 5th Century A.D., Nalanda is known as the ancient seat of learning. 2000 teachers and 10000 Students from all over the Buddhist world lived and studied at Nalanda, the first Residential International University of the World. A walk in the ruins of the university takes you to an era, that saw India leading in imparting knowledge, to the world - the era when India was a coveted place for studies. The University flourished during the 5th and 12th century.
If we talk about the courses, the university knowledge bank featured courses from varied disciplines including grammar, politics, astronomy, medicine, logic, philosophy, mathematics etc
Nalanda University Ruins. This University is one of the ancient heritage marvels of India that shaped the country’s identity as the giver of the knowledge. Nalanda tour is characterized with the visit to the ancient ruins of this university. Spread over an area of 14 hectares, the ruins here feature splendid temples and monasteries built by the patron kings.
Rajgir is just 15 km away from Nalanda and unmissed by any traveller during Nalanda tour as it is one of the prominent Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India visited by Lord Buddha himself. Here, he sat atop the Gridhakuta Hill -Gridhakuta Hill was the favourite place of Lord Buddha, where he delivered many discourses after he attained enlightenment. It was here that he gave two important sutras the Lotus Sutra and the Prajnaparamita.
🏨 Accommodation: Hotel Imperial or Similar 🚍 Drive: 5/6 Hours / 200km
🍽 Meals: Breakfast/dinner. ⛰ Altitude: 115 m.

Today we will have a full day excursion to Bodhgaya. We will be visiting The Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhi Tree, Great Buddha Statue, Sujata Temple and Dungeshwari cave.
The Mahabodhi temple built on the east of the sacred tree stands majestically 17 feet high on a base 5 feet square, and consists of a soaring pyramidal tower surmounted by a stupa. The Vajrasana or Diamond Throne lying between the Bodhi Tree and the temple marks the actual spot where Buddha sat in meditation and attained illumination. A gilded Buddha smiles upon the visitors from a niche in the wall of the temple, and his footsteps carved in stone hold flower offerings from the devout. Unbelievable peace pervades the atmosphere giving credence to legend Besides the Mahabodhi temple; we would visit several Buddhist temples built by the followers of Buddhism from all over the world.
The Dungeshwari Hills are located around 12 km from Bodh Gaya and are popular destinations for pilgrims and tourists alike. Lush green forests surround the hill range and offer breathtaking landscape views.
The caves at Dungeshwari Hills are believed to be where Buddha underwent intense penance and self-mortification before discovering the Middle Path. The largest cave is called the Mahakala Cave, which is around 108 feet long and 30 feet wide. It has a large stone carving of Lord Buddha in a meditative pose. The other caves are smaller and are believed to have been used by the Buddha's disciples for meditation
🏨 Accommodation: Hotel Imperial or Similar 🚍 Drive:
🍽 Meals: Breakfast /dinner. ⛰ Altitude: 115 m.

In the morning after the breakfast, you will be drive to Varanasi up on arrival at Varanasi check in for 2 nights.
Later in afternoon and drive to Main Spice Market. You will step into old lanes of Varanasi. A guided walk in Varanasi old streets and through thousands of years old alleys, holy temples will leave you mesmerised. Discover the sacred and oldest living culture of this ancient city with getting yourself into these old streets. A walk which promises surprise at every step is extremely rich in its insights and sights. This Varanasi walk takes place in Northern part of the Ghats, and will give real insights of Varanasi. With this walking tour one would be able to see Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Famous Food Streets of Varanasi, Kachuri Gali, and Perfume Market, Flower market, Silk Market, Souvenirs Market, Spice Market and many countless things.
NOTE: -Above mention palace to visit completely depend on the time we reach Varanasi
Ganga Arti: - In the evening, we are going to participate Ganga Aarti, into a private balcony or private boat near Dashwasamedh Ghat to sit on private chairs reserved with best view of Arti ceremony. As the sun dips below the horizon in Varanasi, the Ghats of the Ganges come alive with the Evening Aarti Ceremony. Flames dance in the hands of devout priests, hymns fill the air, and incense weaves mysticism. A mesmerizing spectacle unfolds, where ancient rituals bridge the earthly and the divine, captivating hearts. After this return back to hotel around 08:30 PM. Enjoy your dinner and stay overnight.
🏨 Accommodation: Hotel Ramada or Similar 🚍 Drive: 6/7 Hours / 250km
🍽 Meals: Breakfast/dinner. ⛰ Altitude: 81 m.

Early in the morning before breakfast you will be taken on a boat excursion on the holy river Ganges where you will see the bathing Ghats and cremation site. As you watch people taking holy dips in Ganges and executing the worshipping rituals on the Ghats, you will feel the spirituality of the locals and it might lead you to the deeper insight into your existence in this universe. Visiting Manikarnika Ghat offers a glimpse into the profound customs and beliefs of Varanasi. While it may not be a typical tourist attraction, it's a powerful and insightful experience into the rich spiritual traditions of this ancient city. After this disembark from your boat and return back to hotel for your breakfast.
After the breakfast you will be drive to Sarnath. It enjoys the extraordinary privilege of Lord Buddha delivering his first sermon after attaining enlightenment 2500 years ago. It is about 10 km from Varanasi and holds a number of Buddhist sites that include the famous Dhamekh Stupa, the seat of the holy 'Buddha'. You can also visit the ruins of Dharmarajika Stupa and Mulagandhakuti Temple, where Lord Buddha is said to have rested and meditated while in Sarnath. The Ashoka Pillar built by the emperor Ashoka is a must see in Sarnath. The Lion Capital on top of this pillar is now the National Emblem of India and stands apart for its excellent artistry and carvings.
🏨 Accommodation: Hotel Ramada or Similar 🚍 Drive: 1/ ½ Hours / 45 km
🍽 Meals: Breakfast /dinner. ⛰ Altitude: 81 m.

In the Morning after breakfast, you will be transfer to Varanasi Airport to take a flight to Delhi. Arrive at Delhi Lunch in a Restaurant and city sightseeing included India Gate, Parliament house, President house, Birla Mandir.
.After the visit transfer to the hotel.
🏨 Accommodation: Hotel Florence or Similar ✈ Flight: Delhi 1H: 45 M
🚍 Drive: 30 Minutes🍽 Meals: Breakfast /dinner. ⛰ Altitude: 300 m.

This morning after breakfast we are going to revisit the old Delhi, Juma Masjid, Jian Temple and Guru Dwarka Bangla Sahib. Lunch in the typical Indian restaurant.
After the visit back to the hotel for wash & change and dinner. After that will transfer to international airport to catch the flight to France.
🏨 Accommodation: Hotel Florence or Similar 🚍 Drive: 2 Hours 30 km.
🍽 Meals: Breakfast/dinner. ⛰ Altitude: 300 m. ✈ Flight: For France


Our program is subject to modification and adaptation based on opportunities, local and weather constraints or unforeseen circumstances.


1. Visiting the Buddhist sector offers a transformative journey of spiritual discovery, cultural immersion, and personal enrichment.

2.Follow the footsteps of the Buddha or trace the spread of Buddhism through ancient trade routes.

3.Visiting the most important places linked to Buddha's life and teachings like Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, and Kushinagar etc.

4. Passing through the villages and will meet the local populations.

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